be the st(ONE)

we proudly present the world’s first and only patented snare drums crafted from NATURAL STONE

my sound of nature

Have you ever asked yourself how nature really sounds? StoneDrum knows how. Our unique, patented snare drums even carry the sound of nature in them. Because honestly, what might sound better than the oldest material on this planet – natural stone? For billions of years the preciousness has been fine-tuning its sound. And the result speaks for itself. Clearly and immediately our drums respond. You can hear every single ghost note. StoneDrum are high sensitive handmade snare drums, the playing sensation and sound is incomparable to any other snare drums on the planet.


Get ready to stand out! Elevate your drumming experience with a touch of uniqueness that sets StoneDrum apart. Beyond the captivating aesthetics, the unparalleled feel and sound distinguish our drums from the rest. Each drum becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, thanks to the natural uniqueness of the stone we use. Formed over billions of years, each piece of stone is transformed into a unique work of art before being handed over to you.


Anton and Patrick Permatinger, an uncle-nephew team and the founders of StoneDrum, have a clear vision: They want to build something for eternity. Imagine: Your great, great-great-grandchildren will still be playing on these drums. But how can they create this eternity? What about a natural material that has no expiration date? A natural material that is built to last a lifetime? Stone! Because 500 million years of nature's work cannot lie.

TOURable 🌍

Say goodbye to tuning hassles as our drums remain steadfast, providing a consistent sound in any climate. Thanks to the nature of stone, our drums are temperature-independent and immune to the tuning challenges that other snares face. Whether in the cold of a truck or the warmth of a stage, they remain resonant and stable. Daily tuning? No longer necessary.

craft 💪

From the rugged quarry to the refined masterpiece, each drum undergoes a meticulous journey. It begins with the careful extraction of natural stone, followed by precise cutting with industrial saws. Then, the magic happens in StoneDrum's own factory in Austria. We shape it with modern CNC machines, yet the soul of craftsmanship lies in the hands of our skilled artisans, who meticulously hand-finish each drum to perfection. Operating as a family-owned business, we uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring that every drum undergoes a thorough inspection before it finds its way to you.


The playfeeling of a StoneDrum is truly incomparable to other snare drums, providing a unique sensory experience for the player. The stone body of the drum conducts every touch and stroke with exceptional immediacy, allowing even the most delicate ghost notes to be distinctly audible. This immediate response ensures that each nuance of your playing is captured and conveyed with crystal-clear clarity. Moreover, the robust stone body enhances the drum's volume and penetrating power, making it stand out

ECO friendly 🌿

StoneDrum is more than a drum; it's a pledge to the planet. Natural stone isn't just cool; it's an eco-friendly material, straight from Mother Nature herself. Unlike synthetic materials that demand high energy inputs to produce, natural stone is a resource already perfected by nature. StoneDrum continues this theme of sustainability throughout its manufacturing process; in our production, we utilize recycled water, employ plastic-free packaging, and have developed our own line of eco-friendly merchandise. Additionally, we're committed to donating 1% of your purchase towards reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. In short: StoneDrum and Mother Nature have a great deal – a reasonable give and take.


At StoneDrum, we don't just set trends; we define them. Our commitment to pioneering excellence ensures that each StoneDrum stands as a symbol of exclusivity and superiority in the world of percussion. With accolades from leading drum magazines hailing StoneDrum as the undisputed best snare in the world, owning one isn't just about owning a drum it's about owning a piece of history, prestige, and unmatched craftsmanship. Stand out from the crowd, elevate your status, and experience the best the drumming world has to offer. Be a pioneer; play a StoneDrum.


Joining the StoneDrum clique means becoming part of an exclusive clique that includes renowned studio and live drummers around the globe who swear by the quality and support of StoneDrum. As a member of the StoneDrum Clique, you’ll benefit from unique offerings such as our World Wide Gear Support and exclusive merchandise.






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