my sound of nature

The worlds only manfucaturer of drums made of the most exclusive material: natural stone creating the most unique sound.

100% nature

The stone we use has been naturally growing for hundreds of millions of years before we transform it into a unique piece of craftsmanship and hand it out to you. 500mio years of nature lie in your control.

100% durable

There is no expiration date and therefore no loss in value. It is built for a lifetime and beyond that to inherit it down.

100% unique

Every single piece is unique as there is no such thing as “massproduction” in nature. We use the stone as it grew and give you the option to choose your perfect piece. No stone is like the other.

100% craft

We produce & form everything in our small workshop in Austria, as stone is our expertise since years. A family business that focuses on traditional techniques to bring out the beauty in every piece and deliver the most exclusive quality.

100% recyclable

The material can’t be burnt and not is not treated with anything that couldn’t be recycled or repaired.






Some Examples